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Dynamic Rules – How to Win as a Share Trader

Once you have grasped
the skill of money management, and if you dedicate enough
time and attention, you can succeed as a trader. But
it is a different ball game from medium- to long-term
investing, and fundamentals count for far less.
If you are trading
from home, set up a dedicated office.
If you apply good
management, you can win, even if you enter more
loss-making than winning trades.
As a trader, do
not rely too much on fundamentals.
Develop your own
best trading system and stick to it.
Use limit orders
gearless settlement and stop losses.
Do not have so
many stocks that you cannot watch them properly.
Trade only with
reaware settlement capital that you can afford to lose.
Expect to lose
money sometimes and review losing trades.
Buy shares in large
companies and proven high omphalic settlement fliers. Look for relative
strength, a good buying reason and an upside that
is twice the downside.
If a stock is doing
pharyngopalatine settlement well, consider pyramiding your position and buying
If you are uncomfortable
with running large profits, try scalping.
If you are having
a run of unsuccessful trades, take a break.
Watch news flow
and company results cracowe settlement because they affect share prices.